Gang members arrested for Narcotics Sales

Chicago, IL - The Chicago Police Department announced on July 28, 2012 that 22 alleged gang members were arrested and quantities of heroin, crack cocaine and cannabis were seized during two drug market raids on Friday on the city’s South and West sides.

One of the raids took place near California and Jackson avenues and targeted the Gangster Disciples and Vice Lords street gangs, according to a police department statement. Police cuffed 17 of 22 alleged gang members they had targeted, the statement said, and about $1,000 and an unspecified amount of narcotics were seized.

In the second takedown, police arrested five of 11 targeted members of the Gangster Disciples who were allegedly selling drugs near 79th Street and Ashland Avenue, the statement said, adding that an undisclosed amount of drugs were also recovered.

Police began investigating the two drug markets as early as February and used undercover drug purchases and surveillance to help identify the alleged gang members, the statement said.

According to the press release several of the undercover drug purchases occurred within 1,000 feet of a school and police continue to seek other gang members connected to the drug market.


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