Gangs use time in Jail as a school!

For gang members, jail is a school, a place to learn gang history, politics and economics. But in this school, if they are disciplined, they graduate to a higher status among their peers.

In jail, young gang members also are educated in how to make weapons, what to expect if they are destined for prison and how to communicate with fellow gang members both within the same jail and in prisons around the state.

Jail is where many orders from so-called shot callers are carried out, like assaults or killings of rival gang members or members within the gang who have defected.

The Stanislaus County Jail's majority gang, NorteƱo, is even referred to a
s the junior varsity of the Nuestra Familia, a prison gang with which it is associated.

While many members grow up in neighborhoods considered turf by gangs, it isn't until they go to jail that most choose a side — northerner or southerner — and truly become affiliated. Upon their release, the future crimes they commit are expected to be for the benefit of the gang.

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