Common sense approach to social media use by police and fire personnel

An article from Police One magazine reiterates the importance of understanding your rights.

'Sexy' cops vs. firefighters: Double standards and the law

Earlier this month, some police officers made headline news for being ‘too sexy’ for their uniforms. Female officers across the country had been posting provocative photos of themselves in plainclothes alongside photos of their uniformed selves to an Instagram account called Blueline Beauties. There was allegedly also a Blueline Beefcakes account featuring male officers.  
The photos wouldn’t get an average person kicked off Instagram. But NYPD officers were being investigated and possibly disciplined based on a department policy that prohibits officers from posting pictures of themselves in uniform on social media sites unless at official ceremonies. 
These officers would’ve made news even without the NYPD policy. All it would’ve taken is one disgruntled citizen. No police officer is considered by the public or media as “an average person.” If you haven’t figured this out, don’t go into investigations.



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