Counter Insurgency Tactics to fight Gangs

PATERSON – City police officials may try to replicate a Springfield, Ma. program that applies counterinsurgency tactics used in Iraqi against street gangs.

Paterson police director Glenn Brown said he learned about the program from a report on “60 Minutes” Sunday night and is reaching out to law enforcement officials in Massachusetts to see if some of his officers could get trained in the approach.“I’ve talked to some people and there are similarities in the problems they have there (in Springfield) and what we have,’’ Brown said. “So I want to see how we can make it work for us.’’

The Springfield program is run with guidance from a Massachusetts State Trooper who also served as a Green Beret in Iraq. The goal, according to news accounts, is to win over the community’s support in the fight against street gangs by using approaches similar to how counterinsurgency specialists deal with Iraqi citizens.
Source: CBS News


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