Gangs in school communities

Gangs have been a problem in Eastern Carolina for awhile, but you may be startled by what we're we're learning from police.
Kinston Police say gangs are becoming more popular for children as young as elementary school.
One mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, knows that all too well. She says her kids have been attacked by gangs.
Police sergeant Dennis Taylor has investigated gangs in Kinston for three years. He says, "When I came over we had 300 validated gang members. We're over 600 validated gang members at this time."
Taylor says police have identified 22 gangs in the city that may start on the street, but often times end up in the schools.
Taylor says, "We have reports of students who are younger talking about gangs in elementary school, and showing signs and having some reports of some graffiti in the schools."


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