January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month

There are 27 million slaves estimated in the World, even though this number is considered to be on the low side. The number of children that is believed to be enslaved in the World is 13 million. Human rights watch states that are 1 billion in India alone. There are more slaves right now then in any other time in human history. People argue the point that the population is also higher then in the 1800's but the laws were not the same.
No country allows slavery. The laws are set up against the enslavement of another person, yet the laws are not enough to end modern day slavery. People are not aware of the fact that in North Texas slavery is a problem. If their is one person enslaved in North Texas it is one too many. Continually their are victims of human trafficking here in Dallas, Fort Worth and throughout North Texas.
Under-age-girls sold over backpage.com for sex. Men brought into Texas and used for forced labor. Slavery is thriving, yet people are becoming aware. Awareness is only half the battle. The whole World new that Hitler was taking Jews and putting them into concentration camps. Still it went on for months and years. People changed when they could no longer turn away. Slavery effects everyone if they are aware or not. The World is more global today then any other point in history and slavery is thriving.
Over the coming month we will highlight different aspects of Human Trafficking and how street gangs have impacted it. 


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