Sexting and minorities a real concern

Networking, a study has revealed that `sexting' has become very common among urban minority youth in the US.

Conducted by researchers from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, the study found that almost 20% of Hispanic teens as well as black teens sent "sext" messages using mobile phones.

They were sending either their nude or semi-nude pictures to another person. Sometimes, they sent such videos to their pals. Receipt of such photos or videos was also reported by more than 30% of these teens.

Researchers are concerned that `sexting' practice could be impacting health and other behavior of youths and adults. Sexting has been hardly seen among ethnic minority youth, on the other hand. But, the practice by youths in the United States has grabbed much media attention.

The Internet Sexuality Information Services' executive director and founder, Deb Levine, said that sexting has not as yet been defined as a risky sexual behavior unlike STDs, unplanned pregnancies or HIV.

"If we are to use sexting to create relevant health messaging for youth, the messages could focus less on shame and more on mutual consent, communication about sexual desires", affirmed Levine.


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