Our Gang Awareness & Gang Recognition Course will be held March 22-23, 2011 in Elk Grove Illinois.

Who should attend this training? Police officers, Educators, College Security, Mall Security Staff.

What can I expect to learn at this course? See the basic course outline listed below for a detailed list of topics that will be covered.

What is included in the cost of the training? Included in the two day course fee is a 120 page manual, class notes and handouts covering the course topics. Most attendees are absolutely amazed about how much information they walk away with. This is truly the most affordable training course available for the cost.

This two day course will cover a variety of topics here are just a few included in the Training Course:
  1. Gang History
  2. Gang Lifestyle and subculture
  3. Gang Definitions - Associate/affiliate, Claimer(wannabe), Full-fledged member, Hardcore member
  4. Hybrid Gang Phenomenon, how it affects enforcement, identification and classification.
  5. Profile of at-risk youth for membership, including Risk/Protective factors, Community Stance on crime, drugs, violence, School Administration, Law Enforcement response. 
  6. Gang recruitment techniques, including a youths needs to belong.
  7. Intelligence gathering techniques, use of School Resource Officer, School Staff, Patrol Officers and Investigations
  8. What Types of Intelligence do you gather? Operational, Tactical, Historical.
  9. Where do you gather the intelligence at? School setting, Community, Other
  10. Organization Policies: School - Dress, Non sanctioned clubs, Drug activity, Gang activity.
  11. What is your agency mandated to do? By statute, By Policy ,What do to when the conflict?
  12. Gang Profiles, National Gangs, Local, Local Drug trafficking groups?
  13. Gangs use of technology? Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Use of the Internet to recruit, Post boasts/threats/RIPS, Commit crimes,
  14. Crimes, Narcotics, Identity theft/Financial Crimes, Burglary Crews, Other crimes
  15. Impact of Domestic Violence and Gang activity, Domestic violence, PTSD and teens
  16. Girls, gangs and prostitution.
  17. Understanding the dilema.
  18. How to Interview/Interrogate gang members.
  19. Safety issues involving gang members.
  20. Disengaging youth from gang activity.
  21. Community/Parental Education.

For more information on this course go to http://bit.ly/fpG7gM.


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